Automated Email Marketing

Automated Email Marketing Features

  • Higher Conversion %
  • Smart and Automated
  • Trackable, Quantifiable Spend
  • Usable on any Subscription Package
  • Sent on Customer Events
  • Fully Customized Emails
  • Automate Email Cadences

Email marketing is a pain. Every few weeks you have to sit down, write up an email, create new promo codes and devote time and resources in hopes that it may drive repeat business. That's where our Automated Email Marketing feature steps up to take the heavy lifting away.

With Automated Email Marketing you spend a little time up front writing emails and setting up events that will automate their distribution. Events such as "game is completed" and "customer has a birthday". Every morning, we'll send out hundreds, potentially thousands of emails to your customers based on the criteria you specified in the email campaign. It's just that simple!

So rather then spending time and resources every few weeks on your email campaigns, you can just set it and forget it. Not only that but these emails will be based on personal information of the customer and will generally yield higher conversation rate % then any other email you may send.

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